Buboisé handbag Bugatti… a timeless accessory


The Bugatti model handbag is named after Emile and Ettore Bugatti, founders of the famous French carmaker. From them originated, this famous bag model, thus becoming an icon for many designers. The goal was to create a chic handbag but with a functional design that could be stored in the car trunk and therefore suitable for traveling.
Iconic Bugatti Bag. Buboisé wanted to reinvent the classic and rigid bag, the Bugatti model, into a new and original version. Made entirely of leather, this handbag reflects exactly the craftsmanship of made in Italy. A trendy design, this time however, in a more rock expression, with fringes and a glittering waterfall.
A chic “passe partout” from clean lines. This is the Bugatti women’s bag, signed by Buboisé, designed for the “Allure Collection”. The black color variant gives life to an elegant combination of hand-woven leather fringes and refined contrasting gold finishes, which gently illuminate a precious chestnut silk velvet … a poem.
You can find this beautiful and timeless bag with special details created by Buboisé:
Buboisé handbag Bugatti is available in colors:
 Bordeaux with brown fringes and red-purple velvet
• Black with black fringes and chestnut velvet
Details of handbag Bugatti
• True grain of dollar
• Equipped with leather shoulder strap
• Hand-woven leather fringes
• Velvet and glitter inserts
• Double zipper
• Internal pocket
• Handcrafted product made entirely in Italy
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Why do you should choose Buboisé….
Buboisé is an innovative and unusual brand, born from a strong passion for fashion and from the desire to create a new and original accessory. Past and future entwine to create an accessory unique under every aspect: shapes, colors and materials. Buboisé bags are accessories conceived for a modern woman, who likes to keep up with the times and trends, romantic and dynamic. It is a woman who feels the need to stand out and to find an accessory that represents her. Hence the uniqueness of Buboisé’s creations. Innovative design, the finest fabrics and materials, manufacture by craftsmen in Italy: these are the elements that guarantee the uniqueness of our bags.
Buboisé, bags to fill with your dreams.


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