Buboise Dropship Program

Dropship Program


Buboisé Dropship program lets you sell products whitout hassle to search for suppliers, to select the merchandise & negociate prices, No need to manage logistics with multiple suppliers, No investments or time needed for photoshooting or product description.

Finally No worry about unsold inventory!!

That means focused on the most important parts of your business: delivering efficient marketing and great shopping experience & service to your customers.

Dropship Program is a service used primarily by medium and large online shops, offline retailers, private-sale shopping clubs, daily deal websites and other operators managing locally handling & shipping of orders to their end-customers.


Main Services

Group & Block Order: possibility to add unlimited items to cart during the whole campaign period in which checkout is not required. All the items are blocked in the customer’s cart, waiting for one final checkout at the end of the campaign. There is always the possibility to edit pending orders (add/remove items).

B2B order fulfilment: the shipment of larger B2B orders to our customers’ commercial addresses, where orders for end-customers are handled and shipped by the merchant or third-party fulfillment provider.



  • Full catalog download (real-time stock update & automatic order booking and processing);
  • No minimum order amount;
  • Group orders, no need for every single order checkout;
  • Block orders, all items in you cart are booked until the end of campaign;
  • Possibility to edit pending orders (add/remove items);
  • Cart lifetime = the active period of our sales campaigns;
  • Good quality pictures for all products, retail price details, product description in 2 languages (ENG, IT);
  • No time spent in sourcing;
  • No costs & risk for unsold inventory to worry about;
  • You remain in control over costs & time efficiency of shipment to end-customers;

Great profit margins at minimum risk.

Interested to join Buboisé B2B Dropship program? Send us a email request at info@buboisé.com