We have always been fascinated by challenges and this is the reason why in 2014, after years of study and research in the fashion field, we decided to make the most of our experience and -partly for fun but mostly to follow our passion- started producing our first Buboisé bags. For a long time we felt the need to create a new original accessory, inspired to an independent and modern woman who doesn’t need to be provocative because she is able to strike you with her original and elegant details. Accordingly, we began designing our first models of bags and having them made by craftsmen. This is how our wonderful adventure with Buboisé started!



Italian’s know how is worldwide famous so why going further? The hands that, with care and diligence, create your Buboisé bag are essential to our business. They caress, cut and sew leather with dedication and expertise, making us fall in love even more with our job. We enjoy sharing this experience with you through our bags which convey to the touch a unique mix of sensations, perceivable only by a feminine sensitivity.



The attention to details, the originality and the quality that characterize every Buboisé bag are the values at the core of our brand and they also are what made people fall in love with Buboisé since its very beginning. Our bags are as unique as the women who wear them and they are made to be much more than a simple accessory: they are made to be filled with your dreams.